Nodel - a digital media control system for museums and galleries

Nodel is an open source platform for the integration of digital media devices in public display applications.

It has been designed with museums and galleries in mind to be a lightweight, reliable and cost effective solution for managing multimedia and lighting systems.

Scalable from one to thousands of nodes utilising minimal resources, Nodel uses a distributed architecture that has built in features for redundancy and fault handling while placing very little load on IT infrastructure.

By employing open standards across the board, Nodel can be installed and configured with ease. 

Nodel is an initiative of Museums Victoria in Melbourne, Australia and developed in partnership with Automatic Pty Ltd. All modules and libraries are open source. The Nodel host code can be downloaded under the Mozilla 2.0 public license and recipes can be freely customised under a MIT license.

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 Nodel is extremely cost effective for an existing museum to incorporate into their facility to achieve widespread and easy automation of galleries, exhibits and other digital experiences. We took to it because of its open source nature, minimal cost impact, and immediate improvement in facility operation.  Jordon Randall, Science World


 Museum Victoria rolls its own decentralised control network.  Andy Ciddor, AV magazine
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More Info

Nodel creates a series of nodes that perform "actions" or respond to "signals" across a network to manage any programmable device across a wide range of environments. It communicates with devices and other nodes using open standards and provides a RESTful API for ease of integration with 3rd party systems. 

Functionality of nodes is described through recipes scripted in Python and once activated a node automatically announces itself to the network with no configuration of protocols. 

The use of Python and self announcing protocols frees integrators to build a network of highly tailored device control with minimum effort. 


Why Nodel?

  • Nodel is simple to deploy, operate and maintain
  • Nodel can be installed on almost any operating system
  • Nodel can be managed on any web browser including mobile devices
  • Best of all, it is open source and free!